About Us

At The Foxes Curiosity Cabinet we create artistic apparel and beautiful textile designs inspired by folklore, witchcraft, history, Romany tales, music and nature and seek out wonderful Fairtrade gift and homewares from around the world.
Working from our UK studio on the edge of Coventry - City of Culture 2021/22 - our mission is to support fellow small artisan family businesses, empower our customers through Fairtrade, conservational and cultural education and the joy of storytelling through our garments, textiles and creations. There is a story behind each of our Studio designed artistic garments, and through the magic of Art we can spread the message of unity, conservation, fair-trade and Love for Mother Nature. Creating for people who care. All of our collections revolve around a subject connected to conservation and raising awareness about our connection to Nature and our duty of care to this Planet and its inhabitants, be they animal, mineral, human or plant!
Our own range Studio apparel is hand drawn and hand made to order, in the UK. Our own label clothing and textiles, wherever possible, are produced from pure wool, recycled plastic waste and poly materials, natural fibres, vegetable based viscose or organic cotton, which comes from seeds grown without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilisers that have not been genetically modified. Organic cotton farming uses natural methods such as crop rotation which benefits not only the soil, fauna and environment, but creates biodiversity and promotes good health and quality of life for the famers and their communities. Recycling plastic waste and poly materials is part of the move to manage plastic to keep it out of landfill and help tackle climate change, we are in crisis with he current levels of plastics in the sea and landfill, we are striving as much as possible to create zero plastic garments but in some circumstances where we cannot we use recycled poly and plastic materials. These are mostly in items that require ‘spot washing’ with a cloth to reduce the impact of poly fibres in the washing machine hurtling out into our waterways. 
We create our own-brand textiles and clothing-to-order in an effort to abide by zero waste and do our best to make a positive impact on the environment, we call this process "SLOW FASHION".
All of our own label FOXES CURIOSITY CABINET and BEES LEA homewares, textiles, clothing and charitable fairtrade garment ranges are made from ethically sourced cottons, vegetable viscose, recycled poly plastics, and eco-silks wherever possible. We print all of our garments using eco friendly water based inks.  We believe that to be a company that stands for Fairtrade and sustainability that every person that comes into contact with our garments should be positively impacted. Our production process is fully ethical and all of our garment workers, both here in the UK, Nepal and Asia, are paid a living wage and work in clean, safe facilities. 
Alongside our own designs we proudly carry apparel, gift and homewares made by other independent small family businesses in our Fairtrade ranges. This all ties back to our mission to support small artisan family businesses, empower our customers through Fairtrade, conservational and cultural education and the joy of storytelling through our garments and creations. From accessories to home wares, we have curated a collection of the best Fairtrade and bespoke goodies. All 100% small family independent businesses and ethically sourced brands. We tell the stories behind our products and highlight their journeys on our SLOW FASHION JOURNAL. 
Our FAIR TRADE ranges are carefully sourced to benefit the small family businesses that create them in The Himalayas, Rajasthan, Pushka, Bali & Nepal and support relevant socio-climatic charities. They are created from organic cottons, recycled plastic bottles spun into acrylic wool to create sustainable, more eco friendly poly-fabrics, upcycled and repurposed silk and poly blend saris, New Zealand & UK sheep wool, Llama and Yak wool. 
Purchase with purpose, every order you make goes towards sustaining small families with independent businesses, sustainable fashion and education, and fuelling the creation of more art. 
We stand for those men and women choosing to be brave and share their ideas and talents with the world. Today The Foxes Curiosity Cabinet is a line of stunning, unique artisan clothing, a resource and a small positive community. Join the Curious Foxes movement and treasure this Earth and all upon it!

Kathey is the wildlife loving owner and designer behind the artistic apparel and textile line The Foxes Curiosity Cabinet. She is a multi-disciplinary artist, dedicated creative and nature lover who is passionate about all forms of creativity. Kathey is a self taught artist, graphic designer, textile creator and photographer. Starting her career at 17, she worked designing illustrations, photographic promos and advertising for notable brands, boutiques, musicians and retailers both freelance and full time. Her work has featured in Cosmpolitan, Elle, She, Asian Bride, NME, Select, Vogue Italia, Prediction and many more.
In 2006 Kathey opened her in-house photography studio and launched her International alternative Arts & Culture e-zine (& later a short run of paperback magazine issues) The Elegant Savages, this ran online from 2006-2014. In 2019 she took the leap to follow her dreams and started creating her own textile and clothing range at The Foxes Curiosity Cabinet.