The Foxes Curiosity Cabinet

Star Chaser Sleepy Herb Sachets

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What gives our Sleep Pillows there special magic is these replaceable organic cotton pouches. Each 3” x 3.5” pouch  contains our hand blended Star Chaser Sleep Potion of Mugwort, Lavender and Bay Leaves. Here you can buy refresher sachets, in bundles of three to insert into your pillows or cushions, or use as drawer scenters. 

Gently squeeze the pillow to release the calming blend of somnambular magic that will help ease you into a state of relaxation. 

Each set of 3 pouches is created from a fine, unbleached, organic cotton, filled with English grown, organic herbs. 100% natural. Created here, in the Foxes Curiosity Cabinet. 


3” x 3.5 inches filled.