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Star Chaser Vera Cruz Amethyst

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From time to time, most of us will struggle to get the amount of sleep we need to feel happy, healthy, and ready to take on what each day brings. With the help of these tiny crystals for sleep, we can find ourselves drifting off to sleep easier and feeling more rest.

Our beautiful, tiny (but mighty) Vera Cruz Crystals are sourced from an ethical trader. Considered to be a rarer form of Amethyst due to their being only one known area in Mexico where they grow naturally. It’s a very special high vibration crystal. It is believed to focus the right amount of energy to help induce relaxation and sleep while fostering a protective energy field for the person working with it. 

Vera Cruz Amethyst crystals help settle the mind chatter that can keep us awake, removes any negative energies that might be getting in the way of a restful night of sleep, and it is also one of the best crystals for nightmares.

Place a small Vera Cruz Amethyst on your nightstand to break patterns of insomnia or restlessness you might be experiencing.

Each crystal is carefully packaged in a small glass bottle to keep it safe beside your bed, this doesn't interfere with the energy of your crystal and helps prevent it getting lost. 

Each crystal measures between 10mm - 20mm and ranges in colour from pale lavender to deep purple. Due to the natural materials no two are the same. 

Glass bottle with stopper measures 4cm long x 1.3cm wide